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The result of anti-corruption monitoring

І. Preamble

1. The subject of anti-corruption monitoring: determining the risk of corruption in the State institution "Directorate of Youth Policy Issues of Atyrau region"

2. Anti-corruption monitoring carried out to: individual/legal entity, e-mail address, phone number.

SI "Directorate of Youth Policy Issues of Atyrau region", Atyrau, Abay St. 10a, phone: 321860, 354460

3. The period of anti-corruption monitoring:

Started on January 4, 2017, ended on June 30, 2017.

4. Observed period: the activities of the IІ quarter of 2017.

II. Information and analytical part

Quantitative and qualitative indicators characterizing the state and causes of corruption in the activities of state bodies, organizations, and subjects of the quasi-public sector.

* publications in the media on anti-corruption issues not found;

* there were no complaints on anti-corruption issues received to the Directorate from legal entities and individuals;

* Directorate has not revealed any violation of the order on corruption issues;

* persons contributing to corruption in the activities not established;

* there are no comments on the acts of prosecutor's supervision;

* judicial acts - no judicial acts regarding corruption risks have been reported.


III. Final part

Conclusion. Recommendations and proposals for the improvement of anti-corruption measures taken by anti-corruption entities.

According to the results of the internal analysis for the first half of 2017, the risk of corruption was not identified for the Division of Financial, Legal and Organizational Support, the Division of Support of Youth and Social Initiatives and the Division of Information and Analytical Work of the Directorate of Youth Policy Issues of Atyrau region.

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