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The procedure for appealing decisions made on the basis of a review of appeals, indicating contact details of the persons in charge

A complaint about actions (inaction) of officials, as well as decisions of a subject is submitted to a higher official or subject in the order of subordination not later than three months from the moment when an individual or legal entity became aware of the action or decision made by the relevant subject or official. The deadline for appeal is not the basis for the subject or official to refuse to consider the complaint. The reasons for missing the deadline are clarified when considering the complaint on the merits and can be one of the grounds for refusing to satisfy the complaint.

In the absence of a higher official or subject or the applicant’s disagreement with the decision taken, the application is submitted directly to the court.

In accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 10 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of January 12, 2007 No. 221 “On the Procedure for Consideration of Appeals of Individuals and Legal Entities”, the answers to the appeals should be substantiated and motivated in the state language or the language of reference with reference to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, contain specific facts refuting confirming the arguments of the applicant, explaining their right to appeal the decision. In case of disagreement with the answer, the applicant has the right to make a written statement, apply to the akim’s blog, make an appointment with the akim at the address: Atyrau, Ayteke bi 77, tel .: +7 (7122) 354551

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