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Citizens' appeals reviews for 2018

In 2018, 2003 applications were received by the regional akim's apparatus. From them, 1709 are from individuals, 178 from legal entities, 114 collective appeals, 2 anonymous.

From all 2003 appeals, which has been received, 531 of them were considered by the Regional Apparatus of Akim, 1468 appeals were redirected to state bodies for consideration by competence, 4 appeals were left without consideration within the framework of the Law.

According to the results of consideration of applications received by the regional akimat, 61 applications were positively resolved; 1942 of them were given written guidance within the framework of the law.

109 questions were received from citizens on the official website of the regional akimat, they were given explanations within the framework of the law.

In 2018, 391 citizens were received by the leadership of the regional akimat on personal matters. Also, 24 receptions, with 334 people were held by the Akin of the region. Among them, 17 people were received by the first deputy akim of the region, 36 by the first deputies akim of the region, 4 by the head of the regional akim's apparatus.

According to the results of reception by the akim of the region, 48 issues were resolved positively. From its issues were: 4  about housing issues, 2 about cultural issues, 17 about social assistance, 4 from health care, 10 education issues, 4 employment, 1 about the public services, 6 for other issues, 286 appeals are clarified within the law.


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