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National cluster on the territory of Atyrau Region will be realized

In accordance with the Message of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the People of Kazakhstan "Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”: New Political Course of the Established State” dated December 14, 2012, the goal was set: "... to enter in the list of 30 most developed countries of the world by 2050". One of the effective mechanisms for increasing competitiveness for Kazakhstan is the formation and development of promising national clusters.
By the Decree of the President dated August 1, 2014, No. 874 "On Approval of the State Program of Industrial-Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019" within the framework of the program, state support will be provided for the development of a national cluster for the extraction and processing of oil and gas, oil and gas chemistry, associated machinery and services for the oil and gas industry on the territory of Atyrau, Mangystau and West Kazakhstan regions.
The national cluster on the territory of Atyrau Region will be implemented according to 5 following subclusters:
1) Geological exploration;
2) Mining technology;
3) Refining of oil, gas and oil-gas chemistry;
4) Oil-gas mechanical engineering;
5) Services for the oil industry;
The development of the National cluster will be coordinated at the level of central authorities and relevant development institutions. A special management structure has already been created for supporting the national cluster - Council of the cluster for coordination and approval of the vision, plans and programs of the cluster participants, as well as the strategy for its development.
For the elaboration of the National Cluster Development Strategy and the Roadmap, a working group arrived in Atyrau on May 28-29 in order to familiarize potential participants of the National Cluster with the basics of functioning.
For conducting organizational and administrative activities for initiating a cluster, including coordination and working meetings on the territory of Atyrau Region, the working group proposed the creation of an initiative group (cluster association) on the territory of the special economic zone, with the participation of the management company FEZ "National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark", representatives of the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs, production and service enterprises, research and training organizations.

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