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Modernization of housing-municipal services

The program "Development of Regions up to 2020" is being implemented in the Region.

429 out of the 1,604 apartment buildings in the Region are required rehabilitation. In 2011-2017, within the framework of the program, 102 apartment buildings at the amount of 2 billion 837 million tenge were repaired, including 13 residential houses (536,01 million tenge), which were repaired for residents' repayable funds in Atyrau city.



For the moment, 79.2% of rural settlements or 96.8% of the population are provided with natural gas.

In 2017, work began on gas supply of the Azgir Region in 10 settlements with a population of 7 thousand people. 2 projects have been developed for this purpose: the main and inter-settlement gas pipeline with the length of 365 km and the intra-settlement pipeline with the length of 67.6 km (Total cost 10.3 billion tenge). Construction work is carried out within the framework of the social program of the "NCOC" company.

The design and estimate documentation is in the process of development for gas supply of 13 small settlements. There are 4 settlements – Bala Oraz, Atambaeva, Kozdikara, Esmakhan in the Makhambet district. 6 settlements – Taskudyk, Sarkol, Sarkumak, Bylkyldakty, Konyrauly, Kenbay in the Kyzylkog district. There are 3 settlements – Amangeldi, Kyzyl uү, Zhaskairat in the Isatay district. After development of the projects, construction and installation works will be carried out.


Provision of drinking water

Within the framework of the “Akbulak” program, 105 water supply facilities were commissioned in 2011-2017, including 66 objects in 2014, 4 in 2015, 11 in 2016, and 6 in 2017.

As of today, 128 out of the 164 rural settlements have been provided with centralized water supply by 78%.

In 2017, 1,8 billion tenge was allocated for 9 projects from the local budget for the continuation of work in this direction. Construction of 6 facilities was completed (Turghizba village, Koshagyl village, Zhylyoi district, Makhambet village of Makhambet district, Dashino village, Zhylandy, Azgyr, Balkuduk, Konyrterek, Suyundyk, Batyrbek, Yeginkuduk, Zhalgizapan of Kurmangazy district). 3 objects are in the process.

Also, the design and estimate documentation is in the process of development for 17 settlements (villages Ganyushkino, Akkol, Alga, Karakul, Golbin, Kokarna, Dauletkerey, Koneu, Kotyaevka, Kudryashovo, Asan, Ushtagan of Kurmangazy district, villages of Aktan, Kyzylzhar, Ketebay of Inder district, Amangeldy village of Isatay district, Karagai village of Zhylyoi district. 1 of these projects was developed (Ganyushkino village).

In 2018, it is planned to develop the design and estimate documentation for 4 settlements located near the main circuit (Buyrek village, Aydin village, Kenbay village, Koskulak village of Kyzylkog district).



Work on the construction of electricity in the village of Almaly, Makhambet of Makhambet district was completed.

The main problem of the Region is the lack of power supply networks in 10 settlements of the Azgir district, which until today are consuming electricity from the networks of the Russian Federation. In order to provide electricity from own sources, the design and estimate documentation is in the process of development for the construction of a high-voltage overhead transmission line of 110 kV Ganushkino-Asan, with a length of 205 km.

Due to the deterioration of the electricity supply networks on the balance sheet of JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” (hereinafter - EC-4). The Akimat of Atyrau Regon is developing the design and estimate documentation for the construction of electricity supply lines in 11 settlements (in Atyrau city, Kulsary city of Zhyloyoi district, villages of Sagiz, Zhamansor, Zhanterek, Mukur, Kenbay, Kyzylkog, Akistau, Toman of Isatay district, Makat, and Dossor of Makat district)

Work is underway to develop design and estimate documentation for electrification in the microdistricts of Samal, Zhasyl Beldeu, Narkesken of Makhambet district and villages of Yergaliyeva, Zhanbai, Tushykudyk, and Zineden of Isatay district.

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