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"Legalization of Property - Combating the Shadow Economy"


Everyone knows that since the initiative of the Head of State in the republic since September 2014, there has been an action on legalizing the property of citizens, oralmans and persons who have a residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Legalization of property - a process practiced all over the world. Certain European countries and many US states conduct such actions several times already. Because the problem of the capital withdrawal from the shadow economy is relevant in all countries.

This action is held for the third time in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It started on September 1, 2014 and was extended until December 2016. The main purpose of the action is to attract additional funds to the economy in the form of legalized capital.

At the moment, 1299 applications, amounting to 2 349 properties were received. 1186 of them were satisfied, 2197 property units were legalized for the amount of 9 billion 100 million tenge.

At the same time, real estate abroad and securities amounting to 74 million tenge were legalized, as a result, the budget received 7.4 million tenge. Also, within the framework of the action the share of one legal entity, amounting to 19 million 700 thousand tenge, was legalized.

Last year, significant changes were made in the law on legalization, and the requirements of legalization were simplified. In this regard, 5 billion 200 million tenge were legalized by individuals.

I call upon the citizens of Atyrau not to miss the opportunity given to them and take part in the action, and if there are illegal assets (money), to bring their property (money) into legal circulation. This enables citizens to declare legalized property in the coming year. In 2017, a universal declaration of property is introduced. Under an international agreement concluded between Kazakhstan and foreign countries, citizens will have the opportunity to determine the state of property and money outside the Republic of Kazakhstan

Applications for the legalization of proprty are received in the city and district akimats, and applications for the legalization of property and money outside the RK, and the declaration is received in the Revenue Department.

The law provides the guarantee not to disseminate information obtained in the process of legalization.

Head of
Finance Directorate
of Atyrau Region
Zhylkybayev Bagitzhan Mazgaliyevich

Date of publication:: 24.08.2016 18:51
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