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On May 30, 2017, at 11:00 (State Time of Astana), the Department of Economics and Finance of Zhylyoi District, State Portal of the State Property Register (an Internet resource located on the Internet at conducts an electronic auction for the sale of district property


Object name and location Balance holder Starting price (tenge) Guarantee fee (tenge) Form and method of bidding
1 The building of the mini-center with the building of the boiler room, the village of Turgyzba State institution "Secondary school №4 named after M.Auezov" 7 403 686 1 110 553 Electronic auction for price increase
2 Bathhouse building, Shokpartogay village State Institution "Administration of Kara Arninsky rural district of Zhylyoi district" 1,196,154 179 424

Registration of participants of the electronic auction is made from the date of publication of the notice and ends two hours before the beginning of the electronic auction on May 30, 2017 at 9:00 (according to Astana time).

To participate in an electronic auction, you must first register on the web portal of the registry indicating:

1) for individuals: individual identification number (hereinafter - IIN), last name, first name and patronymic (if any);

2) for legal entities: business identification number (hereinafter - BIN), full name, surname, name and patronymic (if available) of the first manager;

3) details of the current account in a second-tier bank for the return of the guarantee fee;

4) contact details

To register as a participant in an electronic auction, you must register on web portal of electronic application for participation in the auction according to form, according to Rules, signed by participant’s electronic signature.

After registration of the application for participation in the auction, web portal of registry for three minutes automatically checks for presence in the registry database of information about the receipt of guarantee fee for sale object for which the application is submitted.

According to results of automatic check, web portal of the registry sends to email address of participant indicated in application, an electronic notice of acceptance of the application or an electronic notice of reasons for refusal to accept the application.

Auction participants, within one hour before the start of auction, enter auction room using an EDS and auction number.

Method of conducting an electronic auction for a price increase:

1) if, within twenty minutes from the start of the auction in the auction hall, none of the participants confirmed their desire to acquire the privatization object by increasing the starting price of the privatization object by one step, then the auction for this privatization object is deemed not to be held;

2) if within twenty minutes from the beginning of the auction in auction hall one of participants confirms his desire to acquire the privatization object by increasing the starting price of the privatization object by one step, then the starting price is increased by the established step;

3) if within twenty minutes after the increase in current price, none of participants confirms their desire to acquire the object of privatization by increasing the current price, then the winner is the participant who confirmed his desire to acquire the object of privatization, and the auction for this object of privatization is recognized as held.

The auction on the privatization object for a price increase goes up to the maximum price offered by one of the participants.

An auction on a privatization object for a price increase is considered to be held only if the starting price of privatization object has increased by at least two steps to increase the price, and at least two participants increase the starting price by two steps.

Results of auction for each privatization object sold are documented by a protocol on bidding results, which is signed on the web portal of registry by the seller and the winner using an EDS on the day of the auction.
Protocol on the results of auction is a document recording results of auction and obligations of the winner and the seller to sign the contract of sale and purchase of privatization object at the sale price. Contract of sale with the winner shall be signed within a period of not more than ten calendar days from the date of the auction, at the address: 20, Makhambet Avenue, Kulsary District, Zhylyoi District, in the building of the Department of Economy and Finance of the Zhylyoi District Department;

At the same time, the winner of the electronic auction shall provide the seller, upon signing the contract of sale, copies of the following documents, with the obligatory presentation of originals for verification or notarized copies of the said documents:

1) for individuals: a passport or document certifying identity of the individual;

2) for legal entities: certificates or certificates of state registration of a legal entity;

a document certifying the authority of the representative of the legal entity, as well as a passport or identity document of the representative of the legal entity;

when selling state-owned shares - extracts from the register of shareholders containing information on joint-stock companies that own shares of the participant (at the time of publication of the notice).

Foreign legal entities submit notarized copies of constituent documents with a notarized translation into Kazakh and / or Russian.

Original documents after verification are returned within one working hour.

Details for the transfer of the guarantee fee:

Recipient of a guarantee fee: Information-Accounting Center JSC

BIN 050 540 004 455

IIC KZ529261501102032004;


Bank name: Kazkommertsbank JSC

KNP 171, KBE 16.
Additional information can be obtained on the website or by phone: 871237 / 5-18-09,


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