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“Atyrau City Polyclinic No. 3”

The competitive commission under the Healthcare Directorate of Atyrau Region announces a set of persons elected to the supervisory board in the municipal state enterprise on the right of economic jurisdiction "Atyrau City Polyclinic No. 3" of the Healthcare Directorate of Atyrau Region".

The competition is held on June 11, 2018 at 11.00 at the address: Atyrau Region, Atyrau city, 77 Ayteke Bi Street, building of the regional Akimat, office 310.

Location and postal address of the MSE on REJ “Atyrau City Polyclinic No. 3” of the Healthcare Directorate of Atyrau Region: index 060027, Atyrau Region, Atyrau city, 39 Baymukhanova Street, phone: 8 (7122) 36 06 17.

The main activity of the MSE on REJ “Atyrau City Polyclinic No. 3” is:

- outpatient care (primarily medical and hospital assistance and counseling and diagnostic assistance), inpatient care for the population in accordance with the state license and supplements to them.

The requirements for individuals elected to supervisory boards include the presence of higher education, as well as one of the following requirements:

1) experience in the field of health care or in the profile of the organization and (or) the economy / finance and (or) business and (or) law for at least 5 years;

2) experience in the field of health care or in the profile of the organization and (or) the economy / finance and (or) business and (or) the leadership position for at least 3 years;

3) membership in public associations in the field of healthcare and (or) economics and (or) business and (or) law;

4) additional education in the field of health care and (or) economics and (or) business and (or) law (MBA), with at least 3 years of work experience.

A person who can not be elected as a member of the supervisory board:

1) who has an outstanding or unexpunged conviction;

2) who held a position of Head of a legal entity more than one year before the decision to recognize this legal entity as a bankrupt;

3) previously committed an offense of corruption;

4) who is in a relationship of close kinship and property with another member of the supervisory board or the head of a state enterprise.

Reception of documents of the persons who have expressed desire to take part in competition is carried out in working days after an announcement on conducting of competition in periodical publications.

A person who has expressed a desire to participate in the competition presents the following documents to the commission before 6 pm on 6 April 2018 at the following address: Atyrau region, Atyrau, 77 Ayteke Bi Street., the building of the regional Akimat, office No. 316a:

1) application for participation in the competition (in arbitrary form);

2) CV in the state and Russian languages;

3) autobiography (in an arbitrary form); 4) a copy of the identity document of the candidate;

5) a copy of the higher education document;

6) a copy of the employment record (if any) or an employment contract or an extract from the orders for admission and termination of the employment contract from the last place of employment; 7) documents confirming the absence of criminal record and corruption offenses issued by the territorial subdivisions of the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Records of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The participant of the competition can provide additional information concerning his education, work experience, professional level (copies of documents on qualification upgrade, assignment of academic degrees and titles, scientific publications, recommendations from the management of the previous place of work).

An envelope with a competitive bid must be executed in accordance with the requirements of the Order of the Minister of the National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 113 dated February 20, 2015 "On Approval of the Rules for the Establishment of the Supervisory Council in State Enterprises on the Right of Economic Jurisdiction, Requirements for Persons Elected to the Supervisory Board, and Rules of competitive selection of members of the supervisory board and early termination of their authorities "in the state and Russian languages, one copy each.

For further information, please call: 8 (7122) 35 45 71, 30 84 09

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